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t is, someday we'll miss these valentine's days together. so i figured we should treasure every lame one we had left. -- captions by vitac -- . >> reporter: the first night of a big chill as residents pull out the winter weather gear and do what they can to prevent plant life. how cold we will be by tomorrow morning coming up. >> this is part of what kwou take on. >> reporter: friends talk about the risks taken by one man in san francisco known for his appearances on a popular tv show. . >> reporter: the bay area
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tonight bracing for temperatures below freezing in some places. the chill is already starting to creep in. rose mary is in our weather center now with where the temperatures stand tonight. >> reporter: temperatures are 10 to 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. this is just the beginning. the chilly days and the bigger concern: the cold nights. take a look at the numbers right now. 43 in napa. 43 in oakland. upper 40s around sfo. temperatures in the north are cold already. 45 along the peninsula. in to the east bay, 40 degrees. we have a ways to go. some of us will bottom out in the 20s.
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i'll have more coming up. >> reporter: some people will be going to great lengths to protect themselves and property from the cold. what you may need to do. >> reporter: for some it was a startling one day difference. >> we had an afternoon swim, and now we're so cold. >> reporter: today skies signaled a cold front. we could see well below freezing. waters companies warning customers about exposed pipes. a hard freeze could burst them. cover them. >> so take this blanket. >> reporter: and don't forget. freezing can be fatal for plants. >> it can fry the plant. >> reporter: and for people out
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in this weather, dress in layers. >> oh, gosh. i'm freezing. >> i luke like it when it's cool. >> reporter: retailers tell us there's already a brisk business in gloves and hats. ski resorts are hoping the cold snap is a sign for things to come. snow was coming down tonight. about a foot of snow is expected from the current system. november has brought very little snow compared to this time last year. go to our website to learn more. look for the link at the top of our home page. continuing coverage on a desperate search for a san jose pilot and his family. just about three hours ago, the sheriff's department called off the search for the day. he was flying his plane with his family
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when the aircraft went missing. search crews say they've detectiveed a faint signal but haven't been able to find where it's coming from. >> it's a very weak signal. it's mountainess terrain. >> reporter: they are waiting for any word on the search. we're told smith's wife is helping in the effort. growing concern about a girl who went missing two days ago. she was last seen getting in a car with men unknown to her family. she was in between vineyard avenue and first street. police consider her at risk because she's 13-years-old. she was wearing black leggings and her hair in a ponytail.
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a table tv celebrity is being remembered today. bill beck showed home owners how to improve their houses. friends are in shock. >> reporter: with tears and smiles, friends remembered him as a dramatic and daring adventurer. >> he loved life and his love of motor bikes was part of that. >> reporter: he was a contractor and carpenter and a co-host of curb appeal on hgtv. he died last night in a collision with a car. >> unfortunately if we take on this spot then this is part of what you take on. this is what happened. >> reporter: it appears he collided with a car turning left as he road north on steiner street.
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>> i saw a guy about 10 feet from a motorcycle on the ground not moving a and a car that had a major dent on the side. >> reporter: he posted on his facebook page in october about victims of a head-on collision. he said he wanted to be grateful for what he had right now. many of those motorcyclists are coming in to mourn him. >> we've opened it for them to come in and remember bill. >> reporter: he was an experienced motorcyclist who had ridden through south america. they say the death is tragic. no charges have been filed. some minor league baseball
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players with the giants are recovering after being involved in a vehicle collision in arizona today. it happened when the van was pulling out of a driveway and collided with a car. a spokes woman says that five players were taken to the hospital. none of the injuries were life threatening. a san francisco elementary school went into lockdown mode today after a shooting that killed a man nearby. the man who was shot died there at the scene. school officials called for the lockdown as a precautionary measure. classes did continue. no word on arrests or motives. bagpipes played for a retired fire department captain today. daniel died from a rare cancer last week. his funeral
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took place at st. dusten catholic church. doctors say his death was due to exposure from chemicals from structure fires from his years of service. two others have also been diagnosed with the same disease. the officers union says the agreement received nearly 80% approval. some say it may not be enough to keep officers on the force. >> the morale is absolutely low. it's obvious, you can't deny it. they're going to have to do a lot more than what they're planning. >> reporter: mayor chuck reed says he believes the deal will help keep officers and the cuts
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were unavoidable. former members of a guerilla group that fought in north korea are now speaking about a palo alto man being taken. they apologized for his role in the had korean war. they tell the associated press that the american lieutenant provided them food and weapons but left the fighting to them. they're questioning his decision to go to north korea where they are some of the most feared and hated fighters of the war. a meeting is being held to cleanup treasure island. it will be at the disposal sight under some town houses. residents plan to learn the relocation plan. they will be moved out in stages beginning next april. a dispute over the contract
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for bart employees is now heading to court. the two biggest unions filed a lawsuit. it claum claims that bart directors acted illegally about paid family legal. representatives say it was a simple clerical mistake. union leaders say it should have been discussed beforehand. >> bart has never offered to us to negotiate over this mistake. >> reporter: bart management says the family leave issue is too cost ly. 23 and me is now facing trouble. it accused the company of misleading customers about its saliva test kit. it provides dna analysis.
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the food and drug administration forced them to halt sales of the prodect. 23 and me said it would not comment on legal matters. as electronic cigarettes become more popular, city leaders say it's hard to regulate them. >> video of a shocking fund that was never expected. >> and a bit of relief on four fluffy legs. what airport are now doing. coming up. ♪
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♪ looks like you started to make something. ♪ oh, a green! ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] cheerios. with flavors your heart will love. . a big surprise for people in a home. a dump truck crashed into the garage.
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it also knocked down a power pole. the driver says he lost control. no one was injured. neighbors say that trucks go into a nearby quarry often speed on the road. president obama said today that the health care website is working well for the vast majority of users. if new problems come up, his administration will fix them, he says. >> remember that not only has the law helpeded millions of people but that there's millions more that stand to be helped. we have to make sure they know that. >> reporter: this was the first in a series of aexperiences. president obama plans to focus on the positive aspects of the law. a major expans on the ban of cigarettes. richmond may become one of the first cities to ban e-cigarettes. why some people believe that the young
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children would benefit the most. >> reporter: that meeting is going on right now. smokers of electronic cigarettes are a growing population. some say if they operate like cigarettes, they should be treated like such. they are battery operated. >> nicotine, however it's delivered, is a dangerous drug. >> we're trying very hard to be a healthy city. no, smoking is not okay. >> reporter: nearly 2 million middle and high school students had tried e-cigarettes last year. they contain nicotine. >> they are inhaled and treat
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them like regular cigarettes. regardless of how you get the drug, there should be restrictions. >> reporter: they are a healthier alternative, sources say. some say it even helps smokers quit. the fda has yet to determine how much nicotine is being inhaled. >> i wouldn't be surprised if we find out there's second-hand effects even from just the exhuilation of the nicotine gas. >> reporter: this is just a proposal at this point. it will take further action before it can become law. for the third straight day, wall street closed lower. the dow dropped 94 points moving back below the 16,000 point.
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americans left their fingers do the shopping on cybermonday. there was a 20% increase from last year. shopping on mobile devices added to the sales. new surveillance video of the crash that killed paul walker and his friend. you see two trees just disappear behind the wall. if you watch carefully, you'll see small puffs of smoke that turn into black clouds. friends say they were test driving a porsche to find out why it was stalling. the waters off mowy were -- maui were reopened today. a man was chi
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acing -- kayaking when a shark bit his foot. this was the 13th shark attack in huwiey this year -- hawaii this year. a remarkable survival at the bottom of the atlantic ocean caught on tape. >> it's alive. okay. keep them there . >> reporter: a diver expecting to find only bodies is surprised when a hand grasps his. a cook survived for three days by breathing in an air pocket. this is video of the rescue off the nigerian coast. the cook says he recited prayers while waiting for help. drivers going to sfo have a
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new way to beat stress. the wag bregade: inviting dogs to the terminal. it's not unusual to see dogs that the airport. these dogs are here to help destress fliers. >> you can spot the dog loving people for sure. their eyes just light up. >> reporter: rick is a volunteer with the spca's rag brugade. volunteers regularly visit the terminals with their therapy dogs and invite travelers to get a little love, or in some cases, a lot. not everyone is open to the idea, but we found people who love dogs are on board. >> i think everybody breaks out into a smile and wants to pet
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the dogs. >> reporter: lady found fans of all ages. >> super nice. >> reporter: and her owner says she was made for this kind of work. >> they want to pet the dog and cuddle the dog. she has that personality that would allow them to do so. >> it makes me feel happy because if i miss the flight, i would probably start petting the dog. >> reporter: all the dogs are specially tested and trained. speaking of cute and cuddly, one of those might be nice in the bed tonight for a little extra warmth tonight. >> reporter: we are moving into some chilly days. it's the cold weather overnight that we're really concerned about. a brief moment here with our afternoon
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high for today. we maxed out in the 50s. for some, it was a little breezy. it's 43 in napa. already slipping to 38 in areas right around walnut creek. temperatures at sfo are 50 degrees. low to upper 40s along the east shoreline here. the winds picked up in some areas. it was a little blustery at times. there's some dry cold air coming in from the north. this is how we'll be for the next couple of days. i want to show you the satellite and radar. a few scattered showers reported at times. we have some very chilly weather that will settle in.
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for tonight until thursday, there is a freeze warning. for wednesday night and thursday morning, bay area wide excluding san francisco. so be prepared for that. tomorrow will be a chilly one. 29 in napa. 30 degrees in concord. we'll have plenty of sunshine for your afternoon. a look here at your extended forecast. the morning freeze lasting through thursday and maybe into friday. come friday, we have changes in store. the possibility of scattered showers reentering the pictures. temperatures will remain on the cool side. for two bay area restaurants, it's the huge mystery of the year. and some holiday cheer from san
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francisco's bravest.
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. at least one young boy was checked today after receiving a present from santa. he was one of hundreds of children who
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could pick up a present at the san francisco's firefighter toy give away. firefighters sent toys to other areas in need like the philippines. a mystery tipper who has left thousands of dollars in tips has now shared the generosity in san francisco. one user received a thousand dollar tip on a $150 tab. he signs the bill as tips for jesus. the person goes by the instugram tips for jesus. today is giving tuesday. it's in response to con
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sumer driven black friday and cybermonday. it calls on people to make contributions to people in charities and to people in need. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we'll be back at 10:00. tmz is up next. ♪ getting cozy.
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♪ shopping for gifts online. ♪ the perfect way to get into the spirit any time. ♪ ♪ hello ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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make breakfast pop! ♪ thank you grandma for the dolls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ i'm ninja kicking through the halls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ mom's posting pictures on your wall. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday. >> today on "tmz" -- >> charlie sheen wants revenge on three porn stars and we wants them to die by turkey. >> he sends an open letter to these girls. he says he wants them to fatally choke on a vons can of pressed turkey. >> it is oddly specific. it makes me think he's done it before. >> jada pinkett smith on the beach in hawaii. she's got on this tiny little bikini. >> i feel weird because she's the mom. >> why do you feel weird? >> you want to see your mom on the beach in a tiny bikini. like yeah, what's up,

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